Sunday, November 30, 2008

Masha's call, Thanksgiving & Branch Social

Masha gets her Call

While waiting for the office Elders to arrive on the train from Moscow, Masha and Elders Keifert and Smith had a snowball fight. I think the innocent people standing by got the worst of it! We were all excited to see where Masha's mission call would be.

Elder Smith packed some pretty hard snowballs. Poor Masha was outnumbered 2-1.
The office Elders finally arrived and Masha proudly displayed "the" envelope. She later opened it at our apartment with the missionaries and many branch members there. She will be serving in the Russia Novosibirsk Mission. She enters the Provo MTC February 3, 2009. Sister Gorina is standing to Masha's left. In the back are Elders Knuth, Keifert, Barney (yes, the one who served with us in Yaro), and Smith.

How to clean out a pumpkin: one sharp knife, two scooping spoons, two strong, willing Elders! We were able to salvage enough pumpkin for a pie, a cake and 2 bags full, frozen for future use. Elders Smith and Keifert work intently, even on P-Day.

When we were in Moscow, we found this wonderful Russian folk costume which Anne decided to wear for Thanksgiving. The flowers were purchased Thanksgiving morning to bring in a little beauty. Notice the bowl of M&M's. Before dinner, we asked the missionaries to each take some, but not eat them. We then asked them to tell what they were thankful for using each M&M. Their responses were very touching as they remembered family, home and the Savior as well as many other blessings.
We were excited to find turkey parts and bought three skinless breasts. They roasted just fine on a bed of dressing. What an easy way to prepare turkey! It may become a tradition.
Our Thanksgiving dinner buffet was set up in the kitchen using the table and the drying rack with a board on top, making two tiers. Sisters Gorina and Vostrakova begin filling their plates with turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, corn on the cob, peas, mashed potatoes and gravy, Jell-o salad and rolls.
The Elders were glad we had salad plates so there was more room on the dinner plates. Elders Keifert, Smith, Jensen and Terry took time out from eating to pose for the picture.

Anne adding whipped cream to a banana caramel pie. There was also, chocolate, pumpkin and apple. Everyone was able to sample each one.

Rick is slicing ice cream from a tube. We buy it this way to serve larger groups. The ice cream has a consistency about like frozen Cool Whip, but has a richer taste.

Branch Social
At the branch Thanksgiving social, we tossed a ball of yarn from person to person. As you tossed it, you held onto the end and told why you were thankful for the person you tossed it to. We had quite a "web" woven by the end. Karina and Max loved walking and playing under the yarn web.

There were lots of goodies for the Thanksgiving "feast". The Elders bought cookies and candies as well as juice. Anne made sugar cookies to look like pumpkins, left side. The Elders made mashed potatoes and gravy, the Sisters made apple and cabbage salad, and Sister Chernikov made a yummy seafood salad.


SuzieBel said...

It looks like you didn't lack anything. You had good food and good company. Most of all you are loved - here in the states and those you serve on your mission.



Dustin & Jenn Hamann said...

Sounds like a wonderful packed week! The box at the Cowboys game had a thanksgiving spread but I had already filled up on their finger foods by the time they serving the dinner that I didn't get any thanksgiving food. So now that I am seeing all the food ya'll had I am craving it. We definately miss ya'll on Thanksgiving, but glad you were with others that love ya!