Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween Party

Branch Halloween Party

As people walked through the front door, there was a "tunnel" into the foyer. Rick is standing with Alexey at the end of it. This helped everyone know there was something different in store for them.
The refreshment table was decorated with a little witch that was donated by the humanitarian center where we do service. The fall squashes were brought to us by an English Club member who had been trying to find pumpkins, but was not able to. Everyone looked for pumpkins, but there were none to be found. Anne made the cupcakes with gummy worms on top. We have not been able to find food coloring, so we thought chocolate frosting would look like dirt for the worms to come out of. They were popular as well as the rice krispie treats. The other packages of candies and cookies were purchased at local grocery stores.
Our district is the epitome of inventive costuming! From left: Elder Keifert as Ryu, the Street Fighter, Sister Gorina as a young girl, Shonra (Anne's VTing companion) as the mad doctor, Sister Vostrakova as a girl punker, Elder Terry as a zombie. Back: Elder Smith as a victorious boxer and front, Elder Jensen as the lovable Yoda.
Let the games begin!! It's hard to see, but each of the people has a pencil tied around their waste and is trying to get the pencil in a soda bottle. The pencil hangs down from the middle of their backs. It was fun to watch them moving around trying to get the pencil over the bottle opening. Elder Keifert on left and Natasha on right.
The Mummie Wrap was very popular and used a lot of toilet paper. The race was on to see who could get wrapped first. There were candy prizes for winners at each game station.
Sister Vostrakova really displayed "an attitude". She is a mini-missionary and had just arrived the night before the party. What a trooper to come up with a costume and help with the games. In the background, you can see the balloon/dart toss game and the line with donuts hanging down.
Eating donuts on a string was popular and fun to watch. Anne made the donuts since the ones in Russia don't have holes.
The Texan and his cat. We had fun coming up with costumes. Rick found his hat at Metro for 99 rubles which is about $4.00. Notice his belt buckle. We made if by wraping foil over a cardboard cutout. Anne's tail was a piece of the garland we used on the refreshment table and the ears were made from styrofoam liners that came in her new boots, colored with marker.
Tossing darts at the balloons was very popular. Masha, on the left, did the face painting for anyone who wanted. DeCasta is throwing a dart.

Rick's favorite Halloween picture of Anne.

Sasha got into the whole costume thing as a gangster. He was really a hit with his long fur coat. Lilia stole the show with her entrance as a pirate. She had all the detail, including the little parrot on her shoulder.

Anatole came in camouflage and Masha added the face painting to complete his costume. Rick is in the back and Paul on the right. Daniel is in the black hooded shirt with the long black nose.

Rita, from English Club, was adorable in her oriental outfit. She was such a help in cleaning up after the party. She always has a wonderful smile and is a delightful person to be with.

The pictures we took of the spook alley didn't turn out well because it was so dark. Everyone enjoyed the creativity of the missionaries and most of them were scared going through. It was a evening to remember, for sure!


Member of the Vernier Family said...

Wasn't that just fun !!! I have always loved Halloween - so glad to see everyone was in the Halloween spirit.

Love your blog entries!


AMY said...

lovin those costumes..and the creativity!

The Terry Family said...

Looks like you had a great time. They are so blessed to have your creativity and fun loving spirit.

Love and miss you sis!