Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baptism, Visit to Kremlin

Ivan Zemscov turned eight recently and he was baptized a member of the church. He got up, on his own accord, in last month's testimony meeting and bore his testimony. He surprised his parents. This family is unique in Russia. Both sides of the family are members of the church. This is a three-generation family picture where all are members! Andre, the father, was just sustained as a member of the branch presidency and he is a returned missionary from the Baltic States Mission. His mother is on the left. Olga's parents are in the center of the picture between Olga and Andre.
As we were exiting the church we turned back and had to take a picture of the water pipes that run in front of the church building. Here they are arching over the driveway that leads to the back of the church. This type of water system can be seen all over the city.

Visit to Kremlin
We stopped on our walk to the Kremlin to take this picture on our walking street in front of the theater. It was Elders Malanin and Nutts' turn to write home on our computers that morning, so we walked with them to the Kremlin.
We also paused to take this picture at a statue of a Russian police officer. The "walking street" has several statues depicting different activities that are placed randomly.
Here is a picture of Anne in the middle of the beautiful flower garden (with mowed grass) just inside the Kremlin wall.
Here is the Kremlin tower, built in 1500, where we entered. Anne is talking to two of the missionaries.
World War II monuments are everywhere in Russia. Just inside the Kremlin walls was a line up of several vehicles from that war. Here Elder Armstrong poses in the back of a pickup truck.
Elder Traasdahl is saluting as he poses next to a submarine tower that was part of this display of World War II relics.
Elder Malanin is posing next to a Russian Army aeroplane.
There are a lot of grounds and quite a few buildings still in use inside the Nizhniy Kremlin. Here we are walking past the church inside the Kremlin. Pictured are Elder Jeremejev, Rick, Elders Smith, Malanin and Nutt.
This shows the whole church with a bell tower on the left.
At the back of the Kremlin overlooking the bluff is the intersection of the Oka River, coming in from the left, merging with the Volga River on the right. We walked down the path you see in the bottom left corner of the above picture to get to the lower part of the town.
On the path on the way down was this picturesque little prayer chapel.
At the bottom of the bluff was the Kremlin wall, and just outside was this restored church.
We wanted to get to the spot where we could take our picture in front of the Nizhniy sign that is shown at the top of our blog. It turned out to be a longer walk than we expected. On the way, we saw another beautiful church. This one was a little more unique because of the multicolored domes on its top. (Click to get a closeup.)

Across the street from the Nizhniy sign is another church which we we first saw it that it had and Angel Mormoni on top of the tower on the left. But, of course, upon closer examination we saw that their angel had wings.

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Hi, I am Sister Arhets. My husband and I are serving in Belgium/Brussels Netherlands Mission, including Northern France. We are from Ft. Worth. I recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading about your adventure.