Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jeremajev the builder, YSA activity,Ilya baptism, City Conference, American Culture Evening, Happy Birthday

Jeremejev the Builder
During one of our P-Days Elder Jeremejev (pronounced Yair ah may yev) did some amazing building with a deck of cards. He is from Latvia and very talented.
Here is his finished product.

YSA Activity
One opportunity for us the last senior couple suggested was to organize Young Single Adult activities. Our first activity was at our apartment. We held a game night starting out with a spiritual thought. We showed the video "Reflections of Christ." Twenty-one participated, including four non-members. Pictured above, beginning in the rear left, Olga, a non-member, Erra (just returned from a mission a few days before), Antone, and Olga. Sitting in front are Vasalisa (her friend Olga is sitting behind her) and Rita. The Olga on the right and Rita are sisters and both are returned missionaries. Rita returned two weeks before this activity.
Shown are more of those who attended. From left to right, Alla, Stas (a non-member), Tanya, Nastia, and Murat (a non-member friend of Tanya)

Ilya's Baptism

On the Saturday of City Conference, Ilya was baptized. He is the 15-year old son of the Young Women's president in the lower branch of the Church in Nizhniy. Elder Traasdahl, on the left, taught him the lessons. Elder Armstrong, is on the right.

City Conference
On June 13-14 we had a City Conference in Nizhniy. There were meetings on Saturday and Sunday. Elder Manzhos, an Area Seventy from Ukraine, was our visiting authority. He gave very inspirational talks and direction to the leaders and members. A 2nd counselor was added to the Upper Branch Presidency who used to be the Elders Quorum President and a new Elders Quorum President was called. One other member of the Upper Branch was ordanined to the Melchizedek Priesthood. In the lower branch, the 2nd counselor was released to become the YM president and a new one called. The two branch presidents have decided to take our suggestion and establish a Mutual activity night during the week. Presently, they have seminary twice a week on Tuesday and Thursdays at 5 pm,

The picture above was taken at the conference. From back, left to right, are Elder Russell (an AP and a former Nizhniy missionary), Elder Nutt, Elder Armstrong, Elder Traasdahl, Elder Malanin, Elder Rosenhan (an AP and a former Nizhniy missionary), and Elder Smith. In front, from left to right are President and Sister Collins, Elder Jeremejey, Anne and Rick.

American Culture Evening
When we went down to 3 sets of missionaries last transfer, we considered canceling English Clubs in our lower branch. But, instead, we decided to try and emphasize English Club on the lower side and see if we could get more people to come. We decided to have an American Culture Evening. We prepared flyers which were handed out to present English Club members and the missionaries gave out to contacts.
We spent several hours preparing a set of slides depicting American religion, holidays, sports, cuisine, music and tourist destinations. We showed the slides first and then served some typical American food prepared by all the missionaries. Anne and Rick prepared Sloppy Joes, Jell-o, Tex-Mex dip with tortilla chips and chocolate chip cookies. Elders Traasdahl and Smith made Kraft macoroni and cheese and Kool-aid, Elders Nutt and Malanin made apple bars and Elders Armstrong and Jeremejev made chocolate cake. Above Elder Rosenhan serves chocolate cake to Sasha while Elder Nutt looks on.
Above Alexey, from our upper branch club conversational group, is playing with Elder Armstrong. In the back left, wearing a red shirt, is Boris, a member of the Church and a regular conversational group attender in the lower branch. He is also the Family History Director for Nizhniy.
On the left is Andre and a friend he brought and Vlad is on the right. Andre and Vlad attend the lower branch conversational group. Vlad often attends the upper branch conversational group also.
Here are Ina, her mother, Lilya, and Ivan. All three are actively being taught by the missionaries.

Happy Birthday

In our district meeting, we celebrated Elder Armstrong and Elder Malanin's birthdays.
Elder Malanin makes a wise and blows out his candles.
Elder Armstrong also got his chance to make a wish blow out candles.

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