Monday, March 2, 2009

Valentine Party, Common Area, Mens' Day, English Class, RS Project

Valentine Party
The branch had a Valentine Day activity and asked Anne to make refreshments. She baked the cake and decorated it. It says "We 'heart' You". The sprinkles were little pink, red and white hearts she found at one of the stores.

She also baked heart-shaped cookies and made frosting so everyone could decorate their own cookies. Sasha was meticulous in putting little sprinkles on one by one to spell Dasha for his girlfriend.

When he finished his three cookies, they read "Dasha and I." I'm sure Dasha was impressed when she saw them on his Facebook page.

Common Area

This is our courtyard from our balcony window. It was such a beautiful day with clear skies and sunshine. We actually had four days in row like that, but the temperatures are still cold and the icy streets and sidewalks are treacherous to walk on.

This is our little rolling cart which we use to haul groceries and other items. It's usually brimming over when we return from our shopping trips. We also use it to carry 5 liter water bottles to the branch building. Since we have a water filtering system in our apartment, we fill the bottles to use for sacrament and drinking. The Church provides the filtering systems for each missionary apartment.

Men's Day

Rick is showing the card and gift he received for Men's Day. The sisters bought the pens and had them engraved with CTR in Russian. They also provided refreshments after the meetings on Sunday.

English Class

We were invited to answer questions and help students speak English in an evening English class. The teacher is on the far right. The students are either graduates of university or full-time students who want to learn English for their own benefit. This was one of the beginner groups.

This is the advanced group that Rick worked with after the Elders left. Anne continued to work with the two beginner groups. We invited all of them to English Club and hope we see some of them there.

RS Project

Medina had her 8th birthday last week and Anne make a new cap for her as a gift with a knitting frame she received from home. She's learning to use it so she can teach sisters in the branch to make things for their families. The first activity for teaching knitting will be on March 20th.

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick hello from Dallas! Looks like you all are doing some wonderful work there! Our prayers are with you!!
-Cathy McCauley