Sunday, September 28, 2008

Capka, Dinner, HT, Ribinsk & Orthodox Church

Doesn't Elder McClelland look distinguished in his capka? It really helps keep him warm on these cold days. The temperatures have been in the 30's and 40's for the last two weeks. Our heat was turned on in our building last Friday and we are grateful for the warm air while we study and read. We haven't had to have the small electric heaters on so much.

Vaneevs & Olga to Dinner

The Vaneev family came for dinner last week. Brother Vaneev, known as Brat (brother) Marat, is the first counselor in the branch presidency, his wife, Maria, is the Relief Society president and Medina is 7. She is learning English in school and it has been fun to help her with her homework.

This is the group we had for dinner. Brat Marat, Maria, Sister Gorina, Medina, Olga, Elders Keifert, McClelland and Smith in the back. Sister Gornia was staying with us while her companion, Sister Shaveko, was on her visa trip to the Ukraine. We enjoyed hearing their conversion stories and learning more about them and their families.

Home Teaching at Chernikovs
When we went home teaching to the Chernikov's, Max and Karina enjoyed playing on the exercise ball President Chernikov uses. He was in an accident several years ago and has back damage that doesn't allow him to stand straight. They are such a sweet family and we enjoy their little ones especially. We were treated to cookies and rose tea during our visit.

Another Visit to Rebinsk
During our trip to Rebinsk, we saw this cute little datcha (retreat home) and wanted to share it with you. Most of the datchas are not as well kept as this one. There are datchas everywhere, especially in the countryside. People go there on weekends during the summer months and grow fruits and vegetables on their little lots.

Inside Pravaslavny Temple
These are all pictures of the inside of the Orthodox Russian Temple on the grounds where we do service. The outside of this building is shown in the Anne's Birthday Post. It is the brick structure. They are working on the reconstruction and restoration of this building and the church building where they hold services. Father Alexander, the priest there, is very appreciative of our service. He told us he feels like we are his friends and has invited us to visit him at his datcha so we can just talk and get to know each other better. He presented each of us with a charm to show his appreciation for our work. We work in an auxillary building which is used for eating and other activities.

This will be an amazing building to visit when they have completed the restoration. It will probably not be finished for many years, however.
This picture was taken before Elder Barney left for Moscow. Don't they look like the four Musketeers? Starting left: Elders Barney, Angelo, Keifert and Smith. We'd recommend them for painting anyday!


Camille said...

I saw Anne's cousin today in Caldwell. she asked how you were. I told her doing well, and how to get to your blog. Hopefully she will be along shortly.

Member of the Vernier Family said...

What a grand architectural church. Can you imagine who painted all the images on the walls. When I see cathedrals with paintings I always think of Michelangelo. You are giving so much but also you are gaining more.

SuzieBel said...

The temple is beautiful. Rick looks so debonair I wish I could be there with you. Thanks for sharing. S