Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Reunion 08

The week before we left, 30 of our 34 family members gathered for a last reunion. We took the picture above and spent three days camping on our property, swimming, riding horses, eating, hiking, riding ATV's, eating, fishing, visiting, playing games, and eating. We will all have fond memories of our time together.

The evening before we started the reunion, 4 of our children and their spouses joined us for a session in the Dallas Temple. We officiated and It was an emotional experience for us.

The week before the reunion, we took those who were in town to the Fort Worth Zoo. We had a great time!

This is a picture of 9 of our grandchildren plus a good family friend taming the giant iguana.

One other milestone event that took place just before we all got together was Rick's retirement dinner. Five of our children and most of their spouses were there for this special occasion. We were joined by Rick's manager, Avalyn Pace, and department director, Tanya Bubash.


Camille said...

Very nice! Love the banner picture on top... I'm going to have to steal that for my blog.

The Terry Family said...

Love the pic of you 2 at the MTC. What a good lookin' couple of missionaries! Been thinkin' about you & know you're having a fabulous time with the GA's, etc. Mike and I drove by the MTC and beeped 5x just for you! We know you heard us and felt all warm and fuzzy inside, right? Good luck with your flights over. Can't wait to hear all about the trip, about the sights, the people, and getting settled.

Sure love you guys,
your sis Kathy

amy said...

Hey you two!

That was one seriously busy week for your whole family. Thanks for including me and Megan in your fun times at the zoo. We had a blast. I enjoyed so much visiting with the whole clan at your open house and then that family picture is beautiful. You are so blessed!

I miss you both and will keep you in my prayers.

Amy Pennington

Anonymous said...

Like Amy said that was a crazy week, I think I might be going through some withdrawals since I don't have every ten minutes of my day planned out. I am sure Dustin misses having dinner on the table every night by 6pm. Love ya like a daughter, Jenni from the hood!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to more updates! The banner picture looks great. I'm glad y'all made it safely. We just saw the movie "Get Smart" and half of it takes place in Moscow. We were like so that's what it is going to look like. We'll have to verify when you get pictures up.
Love y'all,